Attorney Referrals

One of Neeman & Mills, Ltd., highest accomplishments is to have received the trust from large numbers of fellow attorneys when referring their Workers’ Compensation clients to Neeman & Mills.

It is perhaps best summed up by stating that a Workers’ Compensation case is NOT the same as a Personal Injury case. Not even close.

Workers’ Compensation cases involve numerous statutory and regulatory issues that are simply not encountered in a Personal Injury case. Deadlines and time frames run much quicker in a Workers’ Compensation case than they do for a Personal Injury case. For example, did you know the injured worker only has 7 days to notify his employer in writing (known as a C-1 form) of the accident? Or that the injured worker must file a claim for compensation (known as a C-4 form) within 90 days of the accident or forever lose the workers’ compensation claim? And those issues are just the tip of the ice burg; there are countless other ways that a Workers’ Compensation claim can be damaged or lost if the rules aren’t precisely followed. Needless to say, such issues pose not only serious problems and pitfalls for your client, but also for your own professional liability. To that end Neeman & Mills will gladly accept your Workers’ Compensation clients and referrals to ensure your clients are taken care of by attorneys that fully understand the Workers’ Compensation laws. Also, if your client has a simultaneous Personal Injury claim and a Workers’ Compensation claim and you prefer to keep the Personal Injury claim, Neeman & Mills will only handle the Workers’ Compensation case.